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'In A Different Light' - A Garden’s Moths and Butterflies

A Photographic Diary  DVD-ROM

Released November 2008


The DVD-ROM records in a unique format the results of finding and photographing moths and butterflies in our own garden and others in North Carmarthenshire over a 5 year period. Showing nearly 500 species, mainly photographed in natural settings, it has four main aims


           1) To record the diversity of moths and butterflies which can be found in a garden environment.


2) To portray moths and butterflies as integral (though often hidden) co-inhabitants of our gardens and countryside and a vital food source for birds, bats, and other creatures at all stages of their lifecycle.


3) To raise awareness of this rich insect biodiversity amongst gardeners and landowners, since it is they who manage the environment in which these insects flourish or fail.


4) To persuade others to look more closely at their gardens and landscape, and help to ensure that similar diversity remains for future generations to enjoy.


The DVD-ROM is arranged as folders of Jpeg images designed to be accessed through a Windows based slideshow on a PC. It is about 4.2Gb and contains over 2000 images which would take roughly 2.5 hours to view. However it is not intended to be viewed at one sitting, more to dip into, refer to, and stimulate discovery. In this respect, although not a comprehensive guide to every moth and butterfly in the UK, the format should make the subject more appealing than much of the rather dry, academic literature currently available.

The folder subjects include:-

Introduction to Moth/Butterfly Biology

Diary Layout


Finding and Photography

Landscape and Garden Habitat

Moth Camouflage/Butterfly Bravado

Butterfly and Moth Population Status

Useful Sources of Information

Monthly Folders from January to December showing species found, in 4 simple size groups.

A Complete Listing Folder where all the images from the monthly folders are re-listed (again in size groups) to

show individual variations in patterns or colours

Landscape Images

Plant Images

Moth-Art Images


The addition of Landscape, Plant and Moth-Art images also reinforces the message that appreciating these beautiful insects in a holistic way within the environment they inhabit, may help to gain them wider recognition.


The DVD-ROM package includes a 72 minute recording (on a separate CD) of the Dawn Chorus made at our home.


'In a Different Light' DVD-Rom is available for purchase for £11.65 including postage and packing (UK only)


Reviews and Comments


“Thanks very much for the DVD In A Different Light. We have never seen such a spectacular set of wonderful, sharp and incredibly detailed photographs anywhere, what a masterpiece!”

Jon Clifton, Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies.


“Extraordinary images of garden moths, taken in north Carmarthenshire by retired vet and amateur photographer Julian Wormald.”

The Daily Telegraph Website.

I recently visited the exhibition about moths at Aberglasny and loved it. I bought the DVD and brought it back to Mozambique with me - OK so I am not using it to identify moths here but it has inspired a group of us to start looking! .................... so we are going to the woods this weekend to see what we can see.................. Thank you very much for your inspirational work and for providing us with such a beautiful and interesting resource as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          CD, Mozambique

‘In a Different Light’ Julian and Fiona Wormald have produced a charming and fascinating DVD ROM introduction to the moths and butterflies to be found in the average rural garden. Called ‘In a Different Light’, it has been compiled in South Wales over the last five years and shows most of the moths and butterflies you are likely to see in the southern half of the United Kingdom. It is an excellent aid particularly for the novice moth trapper, as it identifies nearly 500 species of moths and butterflies with excellent photographs taken in their natural surroundings, grouped month by month throughout the year.

There are chapters on identification, finding, photographing, camouflage, food plants, moth art and much more. With over 2,000 colour images it is a valuable resource for anyone keen to learn about butterflies and the wonderful world of moths.                                                                                                                     Hugo Brooke

‘Butterfly’ Issue 101, Summer 2009